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Bumerang - zastřešení bazénů s.r.o.

- we are a Czech manufacturer of pool enclosures, terrace and whirlpool covers.  We treat every order individually and try to work honestly with due professional care.  We want every user of our enclosures to be able to say even after many years: "This was a good choice."

We consistently test the quality of all input materials and their processing, we hold patents and industrial property rights for many of our designs, and we continue to develop new solutions.  This is also the reason why most of our products are made for export and supplied to markets where processing standards, reliability and the utility value of products are much more appreciated.


European patent - successfully completed was our effort to obtain EU patent ...

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Luci a Rada

Luci and Rada are two models from the new, highest product series, the Z-line. Both models of this series use brand new AluDeck® guide paths for module guiding ...

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Bumerang, AluDeck, Be Up, MiXx and 4Ada are registered trademarks belonging to Bumerang – zastřešení bazénů s.r.o..
The AluDeck profile shape and the construction design of the Z-line series are the industrial property of Bumerang – zastřešení bazénů s.r.o., and are subject of patent protection.