Technical specifications

Extra strong profiles

XZ series has been designed and introduced into the assortment to meet the increasing demands of customers on rugged  cover. This series uses carrier profiles with a cross section of 60x60 mm for the construction.

  • extremely rigid construction
  • joints without visible connecting elements
  • additional weather security
  • low and elegant
  • enclosures with extra strong profiles find here

Absolutely flat guiding rail AluDeck

  • enable LED integration into profiles AluDeck®
  • solution protected by an European patent EP 14000188.4 
  • enclosures with flat guiding rail AluDeck find here

Benefits for you

  • ensuring transport across the Czech Republic, the EU and outside the EU
  • more than 40 custom forms for own AL profiles
  • a sophisticated packaging system for products
  • calculation program for price calculation
  • technical background and advice - assembly manuals
  • experienced team of workers
  • more than 15 years of experience